Your Home Needs a Home Network Upgrade ASAP

A robust and reliable home network is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity in today’s era of the Internet of Things (IoT). The average home has a multitude of connected devices that all are simultaneously vying for a share of your home’s bandwidth availability. The amount of data that has to be transmitted to do something like stream television, play gaming devices, work from home, use smart appliances, and automate technology like lighting, surveillance, security, audio/video, etc. is huge! Most homes simply do not have an adequate network to support Every home can benefit from having a professionally designed and installed home network that can support their current needs and be capable of scaling and meeting the growing needs of the future.

Homeowners often think if they upgrade their router or pay for a faster internet speed that their home network will be adequately enhanced to meet their needs. But, they soon find out that these are often temporary bandaids that don’t last. A high-quality home network should be both robust enough to meet current and future demands, and secure to prevent a data breach, hacking, or other breach in security. Reliability is only good if your connection is secure, and vice versa.

Professional network design and installation ensures all bases are covered and that wires are hidden for a more polished appearance. Professionals know how to work with existing architecture and technology to prevent dead zones or slow internet speeds. Customize your home network to simplify and streamline your life and experience the fast connectivity you need to live your life with professional home network design and installation.

How to upgrade a home network?

No matter how good an internet connection is, households are susceptible to experiencing subpar speeds and Wi-Fi dead zones. This will affect the professional and infotainment activities, causing constant interruptions. However, there are several ways people can opt to upgrade their home network and improve the quality of the internet.

Router position

Physically moving the router is an effective way to see a real difference in the internet speeds. It will also improve the wireless transmission of the signals. It is not a good idea to place the router in closets, cupboards, or shelves. It will dampen the transmission reach. The perfect spot for a router depends on various factors. Generally, place the device in a central and prominent position. Most importantly, keep the router away from other electromagnetic devices.


A wired connection to the router is the best way to get fast and stable internet. It will not be affected by other devices or physical objects. People can connect ethernet cables to their desktop, streaming box, or gaming consoles to resolve slow internet issues. It is essential to follow some cable management techniques and have the wires concealed behind the wall. Extra wall mounts are also worth the investment, considering that it cuts down exposed ethernet cables.

Wi-Fi channel

The internet signal is divided into channel. The devices in a home also communicates with the router via these channels. So, neighboring routers using the same channel may cause interruptions. This could also congest the bandwidth, leading to Wi-Fi dead spots. People should check the owner’s documentation papers to find the channels that works for their device. Since most routers are capable handling dual bandwidth. Change the settings to improve the speed.

Device upgrade

Old routers are the cause of troubles in most cases. People can effortlessly upgrade to a new device by considering the price and functionality. For larger houses, using repeaters would produce the farthest reach to every corner. Small homes, on the other hand, will require simple setups capable of producing the best internet speeds. It is best to work with a professional when choosing the next device for a house. They can recommend the best setups based on the features of a home.


When people find it overwhelming to deal with Wi-Fi settings, they can invest a few dollars in extenders or repeaters. These extenders plug directly into the wall socket and extend the signal produced by the router. It is a quick way to get rid of dead spots in a house. As always, positioning is more important than other factors. People have many options when it comes to choosing repeaters. They should use the existing electrical wiring to their advantage to get a speedy internet connection.


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