You Need a TV Wall in Your Home

We have all seen (and loved!) a TV wall in a sports bar, retail setting, or other hospitality setting.  The fun of a TV wall is that it is highly customizable so it is budget-friendly but the sky is also the limit if you want to go all out with an elaborate and luxurious design. The type of technology-driven viewing experience will transform your home entertainment setup and integrate seamlessly into your home automation.

A TV wall canoe set up in a myriad of ways – it can have one large central TV surrounded by any number of smaller televisions, or have multiple televisions that are the same size, or multiple different size televisions – all put together in a unique mosaic that best integrates into your home.  TV walls are controlled in your home automation system by something called a video processor which allows you to control all TVs from one remote or app.

There are many practical snd fun applications or using your TV wall.  You could watch multiple sporting events on different screens simultaneously, keep your surveillance system on one screen while you watch a show, play video games on one screen while other TVs display something else, and even connect a baby monitor to the display – there are so many possibilities. Speak to an experienced audio video installer to learn how you can integrate a professionally designed and installed TV wall into your home.


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