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Voice control has become one of the most popular home applications of artificial intelligence technology. 


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While it is great to be able to control your home automation at the touch of a single button, it is even better if you do not have to lift your finger at all!  Home automation and networking systems manufacturers, such as Control4, have made it easy and seamless to integrate the convenience of voice control with Google’s Alexa or other such voice-activated technology.  Activating features and technology in your smart home has never been easier than with voice control.

Your professionally installed home automation system, coupled with voice control, allows you to create various commands (and add or change additional commands as you go) to control any smart components or integrated components in your home.  You can utilize simple commands such as “turn the lights on” or create a more complicated sequence of events with the use of a single command.  For example, you could say “Good morning, Alexa” and the voice control would alert your home automation to activate a sequence of your choosing, such as turning your bedroom and bathroom lights on, raising your window shades, and begin playing soft music.  What better way could there be to wake up?  With voice control and professional home automation, the possibilities for controlling your smart home and making your home life as enjoyable and convenient as possible are limitless.

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