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The quality and type of lighting you use sets the tone for the entire aesthetic experience of your home. Modern lighting must be functional, stylish, and easy to use.


Smart Lighting Providers

Smart lighting is optimal for homes of any size and with solutions from brands like Control4, your smart lighting can easily integrate into your home automation for complete control.  There are many ways to control or adjust your smart lighting including automated programming, app control, voice control, keypad control, and motion control.  Transform your home with the perfect lighting for any moment your life with smart lighting.

At Smart Home Solutions, our dedicated and experienced team can install and program your smart lighting to meet your unique individual needs.  At the touch of a button, you will be able to turn on/off or adjust your home’s interior and exterior lighting.  Create unique lighting “scenes” for specific times of day or occasions.  For example. You can have lighting scenes for early morning, evening, reading, working, watching television, entertaining guests, or just about any other scenario you might need lighting control.  And, your smart lighting can be integrated into your home automation so that it works seamlessly with other home automation features such as security, surveillance, and audio/video.  Whether you want to adjust your lighting at a moment’s notice or you want your lighting to know when you will be arriving home and turn on in anticipation so that you don’t have to walk into a dark home, the possibilities are endless. The team at Smart Home Solutions is ready to consult with you and evaluate your lighting needs to design a home automation solution that improves your home’s aesthetic, your quality of life, and your peace of mind – contact us to learn how you can integrate smart lighting in your home and start enjoying the many advantages it has to offer for homeowners.


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