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Josh.AI Integration

Innovative, discreet, private, and robust home automation is at your fingertips with Josh.AI.


Josh.AI Integration

There are various ways to automate your home but few are as technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing as Josh.AI. Josh.AI is a home automation brand that uses natural interfaces like voice and touch with products that meet the needs of any homeowner and integrate seamlessly with other smart and home automation technologies in your home.

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Innovative Design

Josh.AI Product Suite

Josh Core

A robust, fortified, and highly versatile component that acts as the brain of your smarthome. Josh Core communicates with other Josh.AI products including Josh Nano, Josh Micro, and the Josh app. To maximize privacy, Josh Cor eis connected to a local network and processes everything it can on-site which provides users with a more stable, powerful, and private home automation experience.

Josh Micro

A voice command home automation product that can easily integrate with any home aesthetic and operates with an array of sensors that enable more contextual awareness and smart automations than other products on the market. With Josh Micro, proprietary Natural Language Processing technology enables you to use simple voice commands in any room and integrate it with your home automation for ultimate ease of use.

Josh Nano

Josh Nano may be tiny (slightly larger than a quarter) but its home automation abilities are robust. Josh Nano knows what room you are in and what devices to control. It is easy to adjust things like lights, shades, music, and more to optimize your home controls.

The Josh App

The Josh App was designed with the end-user in mind and is extremely easy to use while giving you tremendous control over your home automation. No matter where you are in the world, simply tap and talk to control your home’s automated technologies. Additionally, because Josh.AI products are highly scalable, if you have Josh.AI installed in multiple properties, you can manage all of your properties and controls from one app. Easily integrate all of your home technologies including audio/video, lighting, security, surveillance, climate control, window shades, and more in the Josh App.


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