It’s Time to Automate Your Home Comfort

If there is one thing everyone wants, it is to be comfortable in their own home. Being comfortable in your home should be easy and efficient so that your home can truly be an oasis. Today, there are many ways to automate comfort in your home which will make controlling things like your heating, cooling, window shades, and lighting easy and convenient – not to mention more energy efficient!

A professionally designed home climate and comfort automation system can actually transform your home life. For example, you can control your smart thermostat right from your phone and it can be programmed according to your daily routines. So, your HVAC can run more efficiently while you are gone and then begin cooling or warming to your desired temperature before you get home, effective ensuring that your home is always the perfect temperature. And, because you can control it from your phone, it can easily be adjusted as needed, whether you a re home, at work, or in another country!

Similar to your HVAC, your lighting and window shades can be integrated into your home automation so that you hav the same level of flexible controls, from your wall controls, remote, tablet, or smart device. The advantage of integrating all of your home comfort technology in your home automation is that sequences can be created. Once installed and programmed, you can have automated sequences that activate depending on the time of day or at the touch of a button. For example, you could program your automation so that every day at the time when you need to get up, your lights begin to brighten, the window shades open, and your air conditioner adjusts to your ideal temperature. The possibilities are endless and multiple different sequences can be programmed for any type of occasion or need you might have.

What are the steps involved in home automation?
Choose smart controller

At first, homeowners must choose smart controllers for their setup. These controllers are available in different sizes and with several functions. Most common hubs consists of low-level functions ideal for a standard house. However, if people are looking for a bit more adventurous options, then should consider advanced remotes. These hubs will have a touchscreen type interface for better accessibility and performance.

Integrate security devices

Safety is the biggest concern for all humans. Especially for a home with children and senior adults, security devices provide an additional layer of protection apart from the typical fences and gated entries. When it comes to smart home security components the options are endless. People can choose surveillance cameras with Wi-Fi settings for their home. Moreover, there are smart locks available with various bio-metric sensors that can recognize a face or fingerprint.

Light control

Due to technological advances, people can switch on or off the lights of their house from any given location. They only need their smartphones or tablets to perform such actions. It works with the help of a dedicated mobile app that is connected to the automation setup. Additionally, they can even dim or perform other actions using such applications.

Heating & cooling

HVAC is a fundamental part of every home. A household will comprise air conditioners, heaters, thermostats and among other devices. These programmable appliances are connected to an automation controller using wireless methods or over cables. Through this setup, homeowners can control the indoor temperature of their space without any hassle. If required, they can even enable remote controls smart applications.

Energy management

Smart energy management systems help to reduce utility bills to significant levels. Some of the systems even allow individuals to control the energy consumption levels through programmable controls. Another advantage of this technology is that allow homeowners to set schedules based on their lifestyle or needs. For instance, one can program to switch heating on at a given time. This feature is advantageous for working professionals.


Another fundamental component of every home is entertainment systems. From HDTV to Blu-ray players and wall speakers to home theatre systems. These components enhance the home watching and listening experience. Some of these setups even allow them to broadcast or stream HD content through Wi-Fi connections.

Disaster prevention

Every home is susceptible to some kind of natural disaster. Whether it being tropical storms or floods, smart automation can even be deployed to safeguard people from such disasters. Similar to a smoke detector, these systems alert the members when there is a eminent danger.


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