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Most modern homes today are filled with technology.  Because so much of our lives take place on screens, it can be useful to have a television in every room for streaming shows, playing video games, and many other reasons.  But, simply putting a television on the wall is not enough to equip you to watch whatever you want.  You must have a video source for every television otherwise your television is nothing more than a fancy monitor that can maybe play local television channels.  But, putting video sources and equipment in every room is expensive, inefficient, and unsightly.  Video distribution is the solution to this common problem and is ideal for just about any home!

Regardless of your home’s size and how many televisions and video sources you have, video distribution can be implemented in your home.  Video distribution works by creating a media station or closet where all of your audio/video and other equipment can be stored.  How many video sources you need will depend on your unique household.

For example, if you and your spouse live together and you have 4 televisions in your home, it is unlikely that there will be more than 2 televisions operating with more than 2 things being watched. Rather than needing 4 video sources, you could install two and make them capable of being distributed to any television in your home? That way you can watch whatever you want on any television without needing separate equipment installed in every room.  That means less clutter and cords with ultimate technology flexibility and convenience in your home! Consult an experienced and knowledgeable A/V specialist to discuss installing video distribution in your home.


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