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Distributed video works very similarly to distributed audio by making it easy and efficient, without sacrificing video quality, to send video anywhere in your home that you would like.


Distributed Video Professionals

Whether you want to watch local television, cable, satellite, a movie, or you want to stream your favorite television show or movie, distributed video eliminates the need for multiple video sources in each room, which can be incredibly cumbersome.  Distribute your video to any room, all rooms, or distribute multiple video sources to different rooms with the simple touch of a button.

With distributed video, you never have to sacrifice video quality. Investing in high-quality video components for every room in your home is expensive and cumbersome.  Distributed video allows you to start watching a DVD in your living room and switch to finishing it in your bedroom so you can relax a little more comfortably – without missing a single second or having to switch the DVD out and then find where you were again.  The same can be done with cable and satellite viewing which makes your life easier and more efficient because distributed video is only the push of a button away when properly and professionally installed!

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