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Enjoy high-quality audio, anywhere you want! With distributed audio, you can send your music to any room in the house or to your outdoor and landscape speakers. 


Distributed Audio Professionals

You can listen to the same music in every room or, depending on your set up, send different music to different rooms if so desired.  This allows everyone in the family to enjoy and listen to anything they want, any time, without the use of multiple devices and individual setups.  Say goodbye to confusing and bulky audio setups in your home forever!  Modern distributed audio uses sophisticated technology, wireless solutions, discreet and/or hidden hardwired solutions, and more to improve the quality of your home music experience.

With distributed audio, you can relax to your favorite tunes or get the party started with excellent sound quality! Because we know that whether you are a true audiophile or just someone that likes to listen to music in their home, everyone enjoys exceptional sound, we professionally install the highest-quality products in your home and program them for ease-of-use. High-resolution, multi-room audio produces exceptional sound quality wherever you want, with the simple touch of a button or voice command.

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