Benefits of Residential Distributed Audio

When you want to listen to music, the last thing you want is to have a complicated battle with your audio system just to play the music you want, where you want. But, homeowners often find themselves in exactly that battle. Whole home audio distribution enables you to easily listen to music from any source, in any room or even outside! And, not only that, depending on your system, you can listen to multiple different music sources throughout your home, without needing separate audio systems in each room.

Today’s distributed audio systems use sophisticated technology and wireless options to ensure your home isn’t cluttered with bulky equipment or unsightly wires. Multiple audio sources can all be housed in one central location and then distributed to anywhere in you home or backyard as desired. And, when you have a professional designed and installed system, the quality of the sound and ease of control will be unparalleled. Further, listening to music will be as easy as pushing a button on your remote or smart phone, or for added convenience, can be integrated with voice control so you never have to lift a finger.

Having one centrally located audio system that can then be distributed throughout your home frees your home up from unnecessary clutter and saves you money because you will not need individual audio components in each room. Rather, distributed audio can be completely customized to your music listening needs. The possibilities are endless, so dream big and consult a professional audio/video installer to learn how distributed audio can be integrated in your home.

What are the best smart home technologies?

Smart lighting

Automated technologies is integrated into every aspect of life, including lighting. People get access to control their light fixtures from any remote location. They should choose the most innovative and useful products that fits their lifestyle needs. Most importantly, make sure to check the energy efficiency of products and compatibility with various operating systems. This feature is essential to amplify the range and efficiency of lighting fixtures.


Another vital component is smart home technologies is entertainment devices. A system should boast a range of controllable devices with easy-to-use features. Ideally, an integrated network needs a central hub to access all the connected contrivances. In additional to digital screens and speakers, integrate essentials like stream devices and smart voice assistants.

Household appliances

When home appliances are connected with a smart technology, it can become convenient and efficient. It should be designed to seamlessly integrate with network systems and complete essential functions. Most importantly, consider the safety concerns with each household appliance. This aspect of integrate is essential to avoid any disasters.


In a smart home setup, utilities play a major role in delivering the utmost convenience. They should consider options, features, and scalability of smart technologies to choose their home utilities. These contrivances are also essential to upgrade an existing system and make daily routines efficient.

Window treatments

Even windows and shades are a part of smart home systems. These products provide complete customization option for homeowners to ensure optimal natural light and security. The most important feature to consider is energy saving options. Blinds and shades are programmed to open and close at a given time. These programs are even controlled from remote places.

Surveillance technologies

The most crucial aspect of home automation is surveillance cameras and locks. Security cameras are essential to ensure proper safety for a premise. It can improve every functional aspect of a house by preventing intruders. Cameras can be programmed to recognize face and provide excellent surveillance. These systems are more important for families with children and pets. When it comes to smart door locks, it offers peace of mind for homeowners who leave their home frequently. These locks even allow them to go keyless, as people can use biometrics like face recognition and fingerprints to gain access.

What are some smart trends to follow?


The biggest challenge in setting a smart home system is the competing platforms and standards. Similarly, brands are also making sure that their devices are working seamlessly with other platforms and products. Creating a standardized setup is one of the biggest trends followed by leading manufacturers.

Faster networks

The global rollout of 5G and improved wireless technology makes for faster and powerful connections. It further ensures better access for processing data and resources in the cloud. This trend minimizes energy consumption for smart technologies and enable faster networks.


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