3 Reasons to Automate Your Home Lighting

Automated home lighting may not sound that exciting at first but it can truly change your home life experience. There are many ways to integrate home lighting automation into your home. Lighting automation offers the possibility to fully customize your lighting based on your lifestyle for ease-of-use and improved lighting quality.

1.  Automated home lighting saves energy. Your home’s lighting can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times during the day or when people are not using a room which will save energy and ultimately save you money on your monthly utilities.

2. Automated lighting can be integrated into your home automation. You can program your lighting for various scenarios or “scenes” as they are referred to in lighting programming. For example, you may have a scene programmed for when you are entertaining. At the touch of a single button, soft music begins to play, window shades open, exterior lighting turns on, and interior lighting adjusts to a predetermined setting. The ultimate in convenience and efficiency!

3. Home automated light improves your safety and security. Integrate your automated lighting with your home security system so that if an alarm is triggered the lights automatically turn on. Whether you are home and want to turn the lights on the outside from your phone or you are away from home but forgot to turn the lights on or off, automated lighting will enhance your home’s security.


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